Notes For Theology Students

These notes have been written to accompany sermon series at Penrallt Baptist Church in Bangor, North Wales. Their purpose is to connect what I am saying in my sermons with what the Theology students in the congregation are hearing in their lectures at Bangor University. I have since realised that they are being downloaded by theology students from around the world. You are very welcome to these notes provided they are for your own personal use, but I stress that they were written primarily to accompany the sermon series at the time rather than as general introductory notes to the Bible books, and that I have tried to restrict myself to books available in the library at Bangor University. Having said that, one of my aims is to encourage students from a conservative Evangelical background to engage with theological study while holding a high view of Scripture as the inspired, authoritative Word of God, trustworthy in all that it affirms. If you are adventurous enough to quote anything I say in one of your essays, you have my permission, but I encourage you to follow academic procedure in referencing it properly.

Peter James Cousins.

NB all the following notes are in PDF format.  If you do not already have a PDF reader you can download and install Adobe Reader for free.

NEW November 2011
EzekielMay 2011
Samuel, Kings, ChroniclesAugust 2010
January 2010
PhilippiansJanuary 2010
IsaiahMay 2009
LukeSeptember 2008
DeuteronomySeptember 2007
The Pastoral Epistles
September 2007
The Sermon on the Mount
January 2006
1 John
February 2005
Acts 13-20
October 2004
AbrahamJanuary 2004
January 2004
The Virgin Birth
November 2003
February 2003
Genesis 4-11
January 2003